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County Private Clients offers High Net Worth Insurance policies that are specifically designed to cater to the unique needs of clients who require cover beyond that of standard policies.

Who are County Private Clients?

County Private Clients is committed to providing exceptional service to the high-value market, extending beyond our local customer base in Crewe, Cheshire. Our services are available to individuals throughout the UK, ensuring that clients nationwide can benefit from our expertise.


It is essential to have adequate cover for your valuable possessions such as: high-end vehicles, fine art collections, and antiques.


Life Insurance can provide financial security for your dependents in unfortunate circumstances.


If you're indulging in luxury accommodations, costly flights or unique activities, a standard Travel Insurance policy may not suffice.

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High Net Worth Insurance


Home Insurance

If you own a property with significant value, unique features, or higher valued items, it is likely that a standard home insurance policy will not provide adequate protection.

We understand the unique needs of high net worth households and homeowners and we can offer cover for valuable items such as fine art collections, jewellery, antiques, and other high-value assets. Therefore our High Value Home Insurance is specifically designed to provide comprehensive protection for your valuable belongings, which have a higher risk of being stolen.

Whether you reside in a newly built house, a period property, a country estate, or even a listed building, here at County Private Clients, we are committed to providing comprehensive coverage for the various risks that your home may face. Having High-end Home Insurance can provide cover for homes that are worth more in value than the average policy limit.


Boat Insurance

Purchasing a boat can be a costly investment, therefore having insurance that can cover your boat, yacht, or other vessel can be financially beneficial. Regardless of whether you are the owner of a superyacht, sailing boat, or powerboat, our aim is to offer you an insurance product that is specifically tailored to your needs.

Whatever the shape, size, or model of your vessel, we can help to arrange cover that could protect you against any financial burdens which may result from risks such as: theft, fires, natural disasters, vandalism, accidental damage or injury.

Regardless of whether you prefer leisurely cruises in local waters, or have a passion for exploring distant horizons, it is crucial to have the appropriate type of boat insurance. Ensuring that you have the right coverage is essential to protect your investment and provide peace of mind, regardless of where your boating adventures may take you.


Holiday Home

A Holiday Home is a property that you own alongside your main residence. You may use it to rent out to paying guests, let it out to friends and family or use it for personal holidays throughout the year. Therefore the risks associated with such a property are often higher than those of your primary residence, as the property can be left unoccupied for long periods of time.

Your holiday home can be a great investment, so having the correct cover for you is of the utmost importance. If you choose to rent out your holiday home, having Holiday Home Insurance can offer the flexibility to maintain cover even when you have paying guests staying at your property.

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Motor Insurance

Being the owner of a high-value vehicle, we comprehend the importance of obtaining a suitable high-value car insurance policy to safeguard your valuable motor vehicles. Whether you own a sports car, high performance car, antique vehicle, supercar, classic, luxury or high-value car, knowing that it is insured correctly is vital.

Owning a high-end motor vehicle can come with significant costs when it comes to repairs or replacement of parts, and there is also an increased likelihood of it being targeted by thieves. Therefore, our High Net Worth Motor Insurance offers enhanced protection beyond what a regular car insurance policy provides, protecting you from any potential risks such as: theft, damage and vandalism.


Travel Insurance

Here at County Private Clients, we recognise that every individual's travel needs are unique, and a one-size-fits-all approach simply does not fit everyone's requirements and needs.

While a standard travel policy is often suitable for typical holidays and trips away, sometimes it cannot provide the level of cover needed to protect you and your belongings adequately.

Our tailored High Net Worth Travel Insurance policy can ensure that you receive the necessary cover and grants you peace of mind, knowing that you and your valuable possessions are protected throughout your travels.