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Our Mission & Values

"Our future lies with great people delivering excellent service to our customers and partners"

We want to help our employees achieve excellence – in the right way. We’ll measure and reward our people, not just on commercial results, but on their behaviors and how they embrace our values in their everyday lives.

Our values have shaped our culture; we wish to support all employees to be the best they can and together, we will achieve our objectives. Helping our employees achieve excellence will work towards our main aim of delivering excellent service to our customers and partners.

The County Group’s values are implemented across our branches nationally. Our values serve as a compass to how we behave and how we represent ourselves as a company. We aspire to deliver excellence to every customer, partner and each other. We focus on nurturing and developing each employee to be the best that they can be.

We were founded in 2003 and we’re just as passionate about what we do today as when we started the company.

Customer First

  • Treat customer fairly – ask yourself  "is what I am doing really benefiting my customer?"
  • Be respectful – treat your customer as you like to be treated
  • Be proactive – really understand your customer’s need
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  • Be open, be accountable – take personal ownership and responsibility
  • Be positive and collaborative – seek solutions and turn negatives on their head
  • Have courage – embrace change with a desire to succeed

Straight Talking

  • Be responsible - safeguard customers money and data at all times
  • Talk straight - be honest with your customers, never mislead, and inspire confidence
  • Challenge yourself and colleagues to improve performance - "What else can I /we do?" and "how else can I /we do this?"
Graphs being analysed by multiple business people

Always Focused

  • Be efficient - use all the resources you have creatively, conscientiously and effectively
  • Be commercial - always look for ways to be more competitive
  • Be determined - pursue every opportunity to make your customer better off
Our CEO presenting award of flowers and chocolates

Pride & Integrity

  • Demonstrate energy and pace to getting things done
  • Deliver on your promises - say what you are going to do and do it
  • Take pride in your own work and in the purpose of the organisation

Professional & Compliant

  • Demonstrate a "can-do" attitude
  • Make sure your actions do not bring the organisation into disrepute
  • Deliver high quality service and achieve higher levels of performance