Looking to sell your insurance business?

✔ Many business owners have already trusted us with their brokerage in the last 30 years.

✔ Payment options we will consider: management buy in or buy out, partial equity release, long term staged sale.

✔ You choose whether to retire or be employed by The County Group, Some ex-owners choose to stay on as managers. We can retain your current staff, and help re-train them... providing secure employment for your staff and real career opportunities.

✔ We aim to retain all your clients with community broking at the heart of our strategy. High client retention and growth. Sensitive approach to client communications and PR.

✔ We'll support you with your Marketing, Compliance, HR, Operations and IT.

Selling our business was one of the hardest decisions we ever made. As a caring family firm for over 35 years we were concerned for all staff and clients how this decision would affect them. Choosing County has been a dream fit and they have helped us in all aspects both during and after the acquisition. We still remain to run the business but now have the power of the County Brand and this has allowed us all to grow and maintain our great relationships with all concerned here at Thompson Bro.

Barry Thompson
Thompson Brothers
Acquired 2017

A word of our Group Acquisitions Manager, Keith Frost

Making a decision to sell, whether in whole or in part, can be a difficult process. Lots of brokers that we speak to have spent many years building up their business and wish to see their legacy, brand, staff and premises intact post-sale. Some owners wish to stay on post-sale to ensure a smooth transition for their business and key clients who they have looked after over the years. If you wish to remain a part of this journey we will be pleased to work with you.

At The County Group, we have community broking at the heart of our strategy. We have acquired a number of insurance brokers in our 16 years history and seeking further acquisitions into the group to complement our organic growth of circa 30% per annum.

Some sellers have found early discussions are beneficial. If you wish to speak to our previous acquisitions in your decision making process, we’ll be more than happy to facilitate this for you.

How we will support you

Our centralised departments at The County Group's HQ can support you in a number of ways. You get the benefit of a whole Accounts team, Marketing team, Compliance team, Branch and IT support, and much more - all without having to employ and manage additional people within your branch.

Our experienced and qualified Accounts team can support you with:
✔ Paying invoices
✔ Handling client fees, reconciliation.

We can also support you with Insurers:
✔ manage the key insurer relationships ensuring we optimise our trading relationships commercially whilst delivering products and services facilitating growth.

With Marketing we can:
✔ generate inbound enquiries through a variety of methods
✔ support you with your brand awareness and marketing collateral.


We can support you with Compliance:
✔ administrating/managing compliance
✔ FCA Regulation on your behalf.

We can support you with:
✔ HR process,
✔ Recruitment – staffing, employment law, support.

We can support you with Training:
✔ continual professional development of staff.

We can also support you with Sales:
✔ strategies to increase sales and revenue.

We can support you with Operation:
✔ support with your premises and equipment including phone/IT systems.

Why Choose The County Group?

  • Over 30 years in-house experience in acquisitions
  • We'll support you with your Marketing, Compliance, HR, Operations and IT
  • High client retention and growth
  • Your staff retained
  • Choose to retire or stay at work
  • Community broking strategy
  • Insurance Broker of the Year 2017 at the British Insurance Awards
  • Top 25 UK Broker
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Contact Keith Frost Today

If you have any questions or would like an informal exploratory meeting, please do not hesitate to get in touch our Group Acquisitions Manager, Keith Frost to arrange a no-obligation chat.

07771 958224