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Here at Insure Courier, we are an independent insurance broker, offering tailored quotes to fit the unique needs of our clients. Throughout the years, our experienced courier team has developed excellent working relationships with the top courier insurance providers. We also understand the inherent risks that come alongside the courier job role or owning a courier business. Therefore, we can provide insurance options for courier vans and fleets, Breakdown Cover, Guaranteed Vehicle Hire Cover, Short-Term Courier Insurance, Employer and Public Liability and Goods in Transit Insurance.

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Having Courier Van Insurance is essential for businesses that rely on their vans to deliver goods. Therefore, having adequate insurance cover, you can continue to operate despite losses that may be incurred (providing you take a policy which includes a courtesy vehicle).

Regardless of whether you have a small fleet of 3 vehicles or a larger fleet of over 100, opting for Courier Fleet Insurance can make managing your insurance policies a hassle-free experience. By consolidating multiple vehicles under a single policy, you can streamline your insurance needs, reduce administrative tasks, and eliminate the need to keep track of multiple renewal dates.

Here at Insure Courier, we can provide goods in transit insurance either as a separate policy or alongside your courier vehicle insurance. By obtaining a Good in Transit Insurance policy, you can protect yourself and your business against various risks associated with transporting goods. This type of insurance can protect against theft of goods while in transit, damage caused to goods as a result of road traffic accidents during transit, loss of goods in transit, and damage incurred during the transit process.

If you experience a roadside emergency, having extra protection can give you peace of mind knowing that you and your goods won't be left stranded if your vehicle breaks down. To ensure that you and your goods don’t get stranded by the side of the road, we can arrange options like Courier Breakdown Cover, roadside assistance, European Cover & home call.

In case of an unfortunate accident or theft, Courier Guaranteed Vehicle Hire Cover from Insure Courier can help to alleviate stress and minimise interruptions to your business operations. If your vehicle requires repairs or is stolen, Courier Guaranteed Vehicle Cover, can promptly provide a replacement vehicle, therefore, enabling you to carry on with your business activities seamlessly.

Public and Employers' Liability Insurance can help to protect the people who, you may come into contact with and aims to cover you for any injuries you may cause to a member of the public or if your employees are injured. This policy could cover the costs of legal fees, compensation claims, and any associated expenses.

At Insure Courier, we can provide Short-Term Courier Insurance options on a weekly, monthly, and quarterly basis, regardless of your location. This type of insurance is specifically designed to meet the needs of short-term courier drivers who drive seasonally or occasionally.


What is Courier Insurance?

Courier Insurance is essential for individuals and businesses involved in the transportation and delivery of goods to customers, regardless of the value of the items being transported. Courier Insurance is designed specifically for drivers who can deliver goods for ‘hire and reward’ to numerous ‘drop-off’ locations or addresses. It can also help to provide cover for a range of risks such as accidents, theft, and damage to the goods being transported. Courier Insurance helps to protect the assets of courier services and ensures they can continue operating in the event of unexpected incidents. Therefore, having this cover can help to protect you and your business against the risks faced when picking up, transporting goods and making multiple deliveries for hire and reward.


Why do you need Courier Insurance?

Courier drivers may face distinct risks that demand specialised insurance coverage. With multiple stops and long periods on the road, couriers are exposed to various risks. Additionally, they often carry valuable cargo in their vans, potentially worth thousands of pounds at any given time. To ensure adequate protection for these specific risks, couriers require insurance tailored to their unique circumstances. Without having insurance for your courier vehicles, you may be left with expensive fees. A standard policy typically does not provide cover for cargo protection, such as the goods transported for delivery; therefore, having a Courier Insurance policy can provide additional protection against potential risks.