National Pet Day – April 11th 2016

In aid of #NationalPetMonth (week commencing 11th April 2016), we wanted to ensure that our customers and clients were aware of the great deals which we provide on our pet insurance policies. Nobody likes to think about their pet becoming ill or being hurt in an accident as not only do you as an owner have to go through the heartache – the vet’s bills soon follow you.

Therefore, by informing you on our latest deals and cover can hopefully persuade you to keep your pet protected at all times! Here at The County Group we provide policies for dogs, cats and rabbits meaning that you do not need to worry if anything were to happen to them.

Here’s a reminder or what we offer!

  • Genuine lifetime levels of cover
  • A professional and caring service at all times
  • Dedicated 24 hour UK based in house claims team
  • Claims settled directly with vets
  • Cover from 6 weeks old
  • Cover for dogs, cats and rabbits

But, seeing as it is such a special day, we wanted to show you that we are supporting it every step of the way!

Take a look at some of our staff members animals!

Rolo – Keith Frost

Sid – Hannah Peel

Lady – Debbie Rush

Kimi – George Wall

Alfie the Pug and George – Callum Hudson

Prince – Sam Brooks

Maggie – George Wall

Riley – Natasha Richardson

Vinny – Sheena Penkeyman

Neddy – Sheena Penkeyman

Pippa – Helen Dougherty

Millie – Sheena Penkeyman

Stubbs – Natasha Richardson

Mr Jingles – Cheryl Shrigley

Jazmin – Natasha Richardson

Amber – Christine Mack

Roxy – Natasha Richardson

Dexter – Stuart Oliver

Alba – Kerry Jones

Tillee – Kerry Jones

Hobbes – Mary-Anna Leigh

Pretty and Bitty – Nina Roberts

Oscar – Nina Roberts

Telly, Elvis and Hamish – Elaine Coombes

Frankie – Kayleigh Brett

Honey – Claire Smith

Jake – Lesley Garratt

Ruby and Rosie – Joy Masterson

Angus – Rachel Robinson

Keano – Rachel Robinson

Ritchie – Rachel Robinson