This afternoon at County Insurance we have enjoyed reading about one of the UK’s largest and best loved retail chains, Marks and Spencer’s.

The popular household brand that was founded in 1884, went back to its humble beginnings today when it opened a stall on Kirkgate Market in Leeds.The venture was designed to celebrate the successful history of M&S by allowing the company’s archive to be seen by the general public.

The traditional Victorian style bazaar will be trading essential products such as coffee alongside items like mugs, sweets and cards that have been designed using more than 70,000 of these historical records.

Marks and Spencer’s currently has more than 703 stores across the UK and a further 361 overseas, providing a wide range of clothing, home accessories and high quality foods to its customers.  Staff from various branches turned up to support the grand opening at Kirkgate Market which gave customers the opportunity to experience the origins of the brand.

It has been reported that local people were especially excited about seeing the traditions of M&S and have been extremely supportive of the project.  The business move is also likely to renew interest in Leeds and bring wealth to the city through increased tourism. Furthermore, it also highlights the potential of Kirkgate Market for new businesses preparing to tackle the high street.

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