DIY Christmas Decorations!

Over the years, some people manage to spend a large amount of money on the Christmas decorations they use for around their house. But this year, why don’t you save that little bit of extra money and make the decorating process even more fun for everyone and make your own?

Here are five different ideas that you could use to decorate your home!

  1. Mason Jar Christmas Tree – since the rise of Shabby Chic has come around, Mason Jars are extremely popular now. Why don’t you create your own Christmas tree for your desk or table with these jars? All you have to do is simply fill these jars up with an array of different sized and coloured baubles and perhaps throw in a dash of tinsel. Arrange them in a Christmas tree fashion and you are good to go!

2. Advent Calendar – With this you can really bring out your creative side and decorate it in any way you want, whether this is the traditional Christmas theme or your favourite trend at the moment. It’s also completely up to you what you decide to fill your Advent Calendar with, why not try something new and fill it up with your beloved festive goodies or just keep it simple and use chocolate!

3. Pine cone Christmas tree hanger – If you are a huge lover of Christmas, you’ll know that one of the most exciting times is putting your Christmas tree up and decorating it to the high heavens. Why don’t you get all the family involved and make your own pine cone decoration? All you need to do is get as many pine cones as you like and a lot of glitter and you’re ready to go!

4. A card tree – Every year we all receive a load of Christmas cards and have one thought, “where are we going to put them all?”. This is where the handy card tree comes in to play! All you’ll need is two wooden dowels and as much ribbon as you like to make it as festive as possible.

5. Stockings – One of the most kept up traditions over time is of course, stockings. To make this even more fun – create your own! All you will need to do is find some felt fabric of your colour or pattern choice, find a stocking template and you’re ready to go. You can make these as big or as small as you like, and be sure to add some extra decorations – glitter is always a good choice!

Here at The County Group we hope that this blog has managed to get you in to the festive spirit and has given you some tips on how to make your Christmas even more wonderful.