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County Insurance has worked closely with business owners and managers for over 10 years now. Unfortunately, we know that back pain and related ailments can be a debilitating problem for many of you.

If you don’t suffer with it personally, it’s likely that one or more of your employees has had to take days off work due to back pain, costing your company both time and money.

In fact, Health and Safety statistics in the UK report that 5 million days a year are lost due to work related back pain with each employee taking an average of 19 days off work annually. The estimated cost to employers is in excess of £5 billion!

Many of our customers report spending a significant amount of time sat in the same position behind the wheel or at an office desk (some more than 40 hours per week!). Whilst others work in sectors like building, manufacturing and warehousing where heavy lifting if often part and parcel of the job and one of the biggest contributors to back pain.

However, whatever you specialise in it’s important that you’re comfortable and are able to carry on earning. That’s why, we decided to team up with CTC healthcare, a leading injury prevention and health management specialist, to offer discounted treatment to businesses across the UK.

Through a simple telephone triage service, you can now turn your back on back pain! The initial call might just solve all your problems via emailing you videos, exercise sheets and advice leaflets.

If you need a treatment session the triage service with recommend a local provider for you to go and see.

Please call 0800 630 0462 and simple quote “County Insurance” to retrieve your discount. For more information about CTC healthcare, including the prevention of back pain click here to visit ctc healthcare online.

CTC Healthcare

Get discounted treatment for backpain with The County Group

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