Iain and Sue Dunne – Case study and testimonial

Home Insurance

Like thousands of people across the county, Iain and Sue Dunne set up their home insurance policy via their bank. One day some eight years ago whilst visiting a branch, they were asked if they would like home insurance via the bank and they accepted.

Every year for the last 8 years they have received an auto-renew notification telling them their new price for the year and to simply continue with the Direct Debit to continue cover. The price rose slightly each year but Iain and Sue didn’t really consider getting an alternative quote.

This year however, following a recommendation from a friend, Iain received his renewal letter from the bank and decided to get a quote from County Insurance.

The policy was for £50,000 worth of contents cover (they rent their property), with 2 bicycles named on the policy. The renewal price from the bank was £348 for an annual policy.

Our Operations Director, Lesley Garratt making tea and coffee for the rest of the office in return for small donations to charity.

Iain Dunne and Sue Dunne

County Insurance shopped the market for the Dunne’s and came up with a similar level of cover for £108. That is a 3rd of the price of what the Dunne’s have been paying  for the last 8 years with the bank (£240 saving) and an incredible 310%!

Their monthly premium was £32.48 and this reduced to £10.08 – saving £22.40 per month.

Life Insurance

The Dunne’s have 2 children – Josh (12) and Maisy (10) – and have meant for years to set up Life Insurance policies so they can provide for their children in the unfortunate event of their death.

Using County Financial Services (part of the County Group) – and buoyed by the £22 a month saving on contents insurance – Iain and Sue then each set up a life insurance policy for £150,000 level term cover. This cover lasts 25 years, and within this period will pay out £150,000 in the event of either – or both – of them being deceased.

Iain’s monthly premium is £14.20 and Sue’s is £13.75.


The combined monthly life insurance premiums for Iain and Sue are only £5.55 more than their previous home insurance policy. And for this they have combined 300,000 worth of life insurance and 50,000 home contents cover!

Sue Dunne commented “Its so easy to fall into a trap of renewing just to save a bit of time. I had a gut feeling I was overpaying with the bank but I was astounded when I found out much County Insurance saved us! This gave us the momentum to set up the Life Insurance policies that has been on our to-do list for months, if not years! This was also a lot more affordable than we expected and great peace of mind now we have kids we want to provide for and protect. County Financial Services were very professional and explained the different options to us.

We are both delighted with the savings and love the fact we have one point of contact and its a local service”

County Insurance and County Financial Services will use their in-house expertise, complete independence and vast range of schemes to shop the market and save you significant amounts of money for both insurance and financial services. Your one-stop shop for insurance and financial solutions.